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Best Handgun Training

Our Mission: To provide professional instruction and training while introducing Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership, use and activities.

The 2nd Ammendment guarantees the People The Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Best Handgun Training


Frequently Asked Questions


How large are the general classes?

     The Instructor prefers smaller sized classes, to guarantee each student the opportunity of personal one-on-one instruction during live-fire exercises. In the classroom lessons, our Instructors routinely alternate teaching the different stages of gun safety lessons. On average, the Instructor closes the attendance after 5-10 students have enrolled.  


I have a gift certificate or voucher from Living Social. How long is it good for?

       Gift certificates and Living Social vouchers are good for up to one year from the date of purchase.  Gift certificates and vouchers are transferable, and may be transferred to somebody else, provided that the certificate or voucher is signed by the original certificate holder.


How do I register for a course which I have already paid for?

       To register for a course, first check out the details of the particular course in which you wish to register (to the left of this page, on the main menu).  Class schedules are generally posted 3-4 weeks in advance. If you have already paid for the course, or have a voucher or gift certificate, and the class does not specify that the class is full, simply send an email with the date and class course which you wish to register (include your name and telephone number of each person to attend). Or, you may call (916) 295-8489 to register for your class. If there is a date not on the calendar, and there are 3 or more persons which will be attending a course in your group, we may accommodate you with a small, private course for no additional charge. Email or call for more information.


Will I receive a certificate after the course?

       Yes, all courses are certified.  NRA courses (such as Basic Pistol, etc.) receive NRA certification. Other courses (CCW) receive the appropriate certifications.


Do I need to bring anything with me for a Basic Pistol course?

       No, it is not necessary to bring anything with you, as all materials, gun rental, ammunition, targets, hearing and eye protection, and handbooks are included in the cost of the course.  However, be sure to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing (the temperature at the range is usually pretty cool in the winter, and hot during the summer).  Bring a ball cap if you like.


Are there breaks and lunch breaks?

       During the classroom instruction, there is a 5-10 minute break every hour. Lunch breaks are usually 30-45 minutes long, and there are restaurants and fast food very close to the training facilities.


I do not have a Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC). Is it required to have one before class?

      HSC's are not required to take this course. In the State of CA, it is a requirement to take a short written test (HSC)  to purchase a firearm (certain exemptions, such as CCW permit holders). You can take this test for $25.00 at any firearms dealer, on the day that you decide to purchase your pistol, rifle or shotgun. It is only necessary to take an HSC test once every five years. The HSC is good to purchase any type of firearm in CA. If you lose your HSC, you can obtain a replacement from the Certified DOJ instructor where you originally took your test, for a replacement fee. As a convenience, Best Handgun Training supplies HSC testing and certifications at the end of each course (for the $25.00 fee). It is not necessary to study for the test, as the courses are in depth, and you will learn everything that you need to know for the test. On average, most students are able to take and pass this test under five minutes after a course (such as Basic Pistol) with Best Handgun Training. Your Instructor is a Certified Instructor through the CA Department of Justice.


How much more does it cost for a Private Lesson?

     There is usually an additional cost of $50.00 for a private lesson.  For private lessons, we prefer that the course be in a local shooting range in either Rocklin, Lincoln, Sacramento, Elk Grove or Grass Valley.  Regardless, there must be an available shooting range nearby, or within a reasonable distance, for live-fire exercises.   


What is the minimum age requirement?    

      For the Basic Pistol/Shotgun/Rifle courses, there is no minimum age requirement, provided that the student is mature and responsible, has the required positive attitude when handling firearms, and is able to follow along with the lessons and course materials. The student must successfully demonstrate the knowledge which they have gained with safe gun handling skills, before moving on to the next stages of lessons. There is a short written test at the end of the course, consisting of multiple choice and true/false questions. It is an open book test, and is extremely easy to pass after going through the classroom instruction as well as the live-fire instruction and exercises.    
     For courses which do not contain "live-fire" shooting exercises, there is no minimum age requirement.   
     CCW courses require that the applicant be 21 years of age, or will be 21 years of age within 30 days of course completion.


How do I enroll in a course?

     The easiest way is to enroll by using the "Buy Now" Pay Pal button, or you can send an email, stating which course you would like to attend, including the date and location. Be sure to include your telephone number, and the best time to call.  We will follow-up with you via email or telephone, to be sure that you are enrolling in the best course for you. If you did not use the "Buy Now" button, then you will receive a Pay-Pal email, which can be paid through Pay-Pal, even if you do not have a Pay-Pal account. We also take credit card payments over the telephone.


How much does it cost for a course?

     Please click on the appropriate link to the left.  The course dues, requirements or pre-requisites will be on that web page. Please email or call with any further questions.


How do I pay for a course?

     We offer several methods of payment.  The simplest way is for you to use the "Buy Now" button. Otherwise, you may request that we email you an invoice, which can be paid through Pay-Pal (even if you do not have a Pay-Pal account).  Pay-Pal accepts most major credit cards as well.  You can also make a credit card payment by telephone with us, if you prefer. Or, bring a check or cash with you, but in order to guarantee your enrollment, a deposit is required in advance to secure your seat and materials.


What days and times are courses offered, either general courses, or private lessons?

     We generally offer courses 3-4 days per week.  Our telephone hours are from 10am to 6pm (unless we are conducting a course, you will get voice mail). However, it is more common for general courses during the weekends.  We may be able to accommodate your schedule, when necessary.  This may include evening courses as well. Unless prior scheduling arrangements are made, we typically close for business on Mondays and Tuesdays. However, most emails are answered 7 days per week.


Can I bring my own firearm to the course?

     In some classes, it is required for you to bring your own firearm and ammunition.  However, in the Basic Pistol/Shotgun/Rifle courses, you are not allowed to bring a firearm or ammunition with you, unless it is personally cleared through an Instructor.  In all cases, there is absolutely no ammunition allowed in the classroom. If you have received a clearance to bring a firearm or ammunition, you must leave it in your vehicle until instructed to bring it in (after the classroom instruction is completed). Be sure to transport your firearm in accordance to CA state law. Call or email with any questions.


Can pregnant women or nursing mothers attend a course?

     Pregnant women are encouraged to discuss their participation in firearms courses with their physicians prior to taking the course.  You should discuss the effects of loud sounds and airborne lead particulate.  If any students are pregnant or nursing an infant, they should not handle any chemicals, lubricants or solvents unless they have discussed doing so with their physician.


What kind of participation is involved in a typical shooting course?

     Students must demonstrate safe gun handling skills with training pistols, prior to participating in live-fire exercises. Students will be required to participate in group discussions regarding the laws of the State.


Am I able to take a course if I have a physical limitation or disability?

     Some students will not be able to assume certain shooting positions (such as standing, kneeling or squatting shooting positions) because of physical limitations or disabilities. The presence of a physical limitation or disability does not by itself affect a student’s eligibility to attend the course or receive a certificate of completion. Most exercises may be adapted to work within each student’s range of motion/function.  Regardless of the disability, all students must demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and understanding of the laws of the State pertaining to firearms use to receive a certificate of completion. Also, safety will not be compromised in any modified technique. It is important to notify the Instructor, prior to enrolling in a course, if you have any concerns which may need to be addressed. This may include (but is not limited to) sore or bad knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, hips, artificial joints, deformities, or anything which may hinder or alter your abilities to perform certain shooting tasks or safety demonstrations. This course is offered to persons in accordance and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but due to the nature of the overall safety of all surrounding students and instructors, as well as the general public, and compliance of the courses,  each case will be evaluated on an individual basis.  





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